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Shingle Roofing Installation & Repair in Auckland

Shingle & Shake Roofing Ltd specialises in the supply and installation of all types of shingle roofing; whether it’s asphalt shingles, timber shingles or shakes here in Auckland, Northland and the South Pacific. We have a wide selection of premium roofing products and the experience to install, repair or maintain them. Our team of Auckland roofing specialists are on hand to provide you or your business with the shingle roofing products you need.

When you consider that a roof commands a large part of a property’s street appeal, it is important that you’re roofing selections are made with care and understanding. As trusted Auckland roofing contractors, we specialise in the installation of shingle roofing as well as providing high quality timber shingles, shakes and fibreglass reinforced asphalt shingles. These high-grade products are used all over the world and are recognised for their superior performance and appearance.


The Shingle & Shake Company offers you complete roofing services and roof installation in Auckland. We have timber shingles and shakes available in:

We also supply the quality Owens Corning asphalt shingles throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. The unique style of shingles can offer your home both a modern and traditional appearance. In conjunction with their use as a premium roofing product, timber shingles are also used as a wall cladding, often seen on our older villas. Work with professional roofing contractors in Auckland to get the products and services you need for your property.

About us

We have a qualified and experienced team of Auckland roofing professionals at your service. Shingle & Shake Roofing Ltd is always on time for appointments, and promises to complete all roof work in a professional way, on time and within budget. We have more than 30 years of experience working with residential and commercial clients across Auckland. We are confident that we can satisfy your roofing needs and meet your expectations.

Very popular with the new home builder is our fibreglass reinforced asphalt shingle.

These are a popular North American roofing system and come in two very distinctive styles; Supreme and Oakridge 30. They are the perfect finishing touch to a well-designed home, offering reliable performance and lasting beauty.

Contact Shingle & Shake Roofing today for all of your shingle roof installation, repair and maintenance needs. We are happy to provide you with an honest and dedicated service.